What Determines The Price Of A Junk Car?


Have you seen advertisements for companies that will buy your junk car, but you're not quite sure how it works with selling a car that doesn't run? There is a method to determine how much your junk car is actually worth, which is why you'll want to know about what junk car buyers look for.

The Value Of The Car Is All About The Metal

Junk car buyers are not looking for vehicles so that they can fix them up and sell them to another person. They are only interested in these vehicles due to the metal that they contain that can be recycled. That's why the usability of the vehicle is not relevant at all, and how it is possible that your junk car can be worth more money than you think it's worth.

The Price Of Scrap Steel Matters 

Since your car is being sold for scrap metal, the price that you get will be determined by the current price of steel. Unfortunately, the prices of scrap steel can fluctuate due to supply and demand. That is why it is worth looking up the price of scrap steel and seeing if it is selling for a high or low amount before you decide to sell your junk car. 

The Car Is Weighed 

The way that your car's value is estimated is by weighing it, with each junk car buyer having an amount that they are willing to pay per pound. This number may be different from the current value of steel since the junk car buyer factors in the weight of items that cannot be scrapped in your vehicle. 

Having an engine in your vehicle will also determine the value per pound since a car with an engine is going to have a lot more metal in it than one that does not have an engine. 

The Car Has Items That Are Worth More Selling Them Independently

There are a few items that are not worth much to someone trying to use your car for scrap metal but do have value to others. Definitely take a look at the tires on the vehicle and how much tread is left on them. Those tires could be worth a decent amount of money if you sold them as used tires.

There are other potentially valuable things that you can sell to others, such as emblems on the hood of cars if they are still in good condition. They don't add much to the weight but have value to someone that's missing the emblem from their car.  

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16 November 2022

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